April 25 – 27, 2023
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Ask the Expert

Greene Tweed – Your Partner for Solving Sealing Issues in Process Equipment

Greene Tweed is an expert in solving elastomer sealing issues. O-rings, gaskets, and other sealing products are critical components of processing equipment, but are sometimes overlooked, unless they are the source of a problem.

URSATEC – Innovation leader for preservative-free multidose systems

URSATEC has made a name for itself during almost 30 years in the market as the expert for preservative-free solutions with propellant free multidose systems. Still today the innovation has not stopped at URSATEC.

Product Authentication – A Two-Fold Beneficial Approach To Protect Brand Owners and Consumers

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported considerable recalls due to counterfeit, diverted, and expired drugs. Product Authentication and Verification can combat these issues, protecting patients and brands alike.

The Next Generation of Smart Probe Technology for the Live Sciences Industry

The Vaisala Indigo Family is the latest development in 85 years of sensor innovations. Interchangeable smart probes, robust transmitters, and Insight software provide superior accuracy with reliable data for critical and GxP-regulated applications.

Controlled Environment Flooring

Forbo Flooring is your specialist partner for controlled environment flooring. We are a global manufacturer of flooring headquartered in Assendelft, near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Our industrial flooring division supports our customers in Life Sciences, Electronics, Automotive and Aerospace offering a range of flooring options for use in controlled environments such as cleanrooms or where ESD control is required.

Continuous Environmental Monitoring Designed for GxP Applications

The viewLinc Continuous Monitoring System provides alarming, real-time and historical trends, records that comply with 21 CFR Part 11/Annex 11, and customizable reporting. Designed for GxP, the system ensures gap-free data. Check out Vaisala’s complete Life Science offerings

Ready-To-Use (RTU) Parenteral Packaging: Reduce Cost, Risk & Improve Fill & Finish Workflow

Utilize Real-time Concentration Measurements by Vaisala K-Patents® Pharma Refractometer

Product Inspection Solutions for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Highlighting Blending Innovation: GlobePharma’s Sift-N-Blend Combines Efficiency with Uniformity

Serialization for Bottles and Vitals

The T60 Integrated 360 Series enables manufacturers to serialize or aggregate directly onto round containers such as bottles and vials. By giving liquid pharma products traceability, manufacturers can ensure public safety and digital supply chain efficiency.