April 25 – 27, 2023
Javits Center, NYC

Serialization for Bottles and Vitals

The T60 Integrated 360 Series enables manufacturers to serialize or aggregate directly onto round containers such as bottles and vials. By giving liquid pharma products traceability, manufacturers can ensure public safety and digital supply chain efficiency. 

They can control 3rd party coding/marking systems that serialize bottles and packs, and also verify round objects with 360 vision.

As products pass along a conveyor belt for final insertion into the secondary pack, they pass under/through the T60, providing a complete view of the product.

It can verify serialized codes or connect with aggregation systems (i.e. case packers) to place the bottles or vials in aggregate in cases.

By combining coding and vision processes, the T60 series enables them to effectively optimize their Track & Trace ability.  

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