April 25 – 27, 2023
Javits Center, NYC

Highlighting Blending Innovation: GlobePharma’s Sift-N-Blend Combines Efficiency with Uniformity

The patented Sift-N-Blend is designed to minimize production time with integrated sifting and blending. A mesh or perforated screen is mounted to the inside of the vessel and the intensifier bar replaced with a paddle. The paddle rotates at much lower speed than a normal intensifier bar, usually between 100-1100 RPM, and acts to press agglomerates in the blend through the screen. Since the screen is mounted to the vessel, it is rotating with the vessel which allows for product flow in and out of the screen. The combined rotation and shearing action of the paddle ensure blend uniformity and prevent agglomerations from forming. We can demonstrate at your site or on a live video conference. 

GlobePharma’s Sift-N-Blend works to combine the pre-screening and post-screening blending production steps. By combining screening within the vessel with the standard blending time, there is minimal downtime for product transition. This also includes minimal cleaning costs with no dust clouds caused by sifting, and costs associated with additional personnel and equipment. One machine, one maintenance system, minimal operator costs, the Sift-N-Blend will work to reduce your overall costs. 

Sift-N-Blend attachments are available from lab scale through production scale. With sizes beginning at 4qt and upward. Attachments above 10 cu ft re segmented for easier installation, maintenance, and removal. There are no rigging systems required as the shaft, paddle and screens are all mounted in several segments. These segments can be replaced individually if necessary. 

The Sift-N-Blend apparatus may be installed on any vessel configuration designed to be used with an intensifier bar drive. We will work with your existing intensifier bar drives to install the Sift-N-Blend. We do offer blenders from lab scale through production scale, in stock, in both cantilever with interchangeable vessels and fixed stand, direct drive. These may be found on our website here: GlobePharma Blenders 

Screens are available in mesh sizes from #10 mesh through #80 mesh. Perforated screens are available from 3mm upwards.