April 16-18, 2024
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Controlled Environment Flooring

Forbo Flooring is your specialist partner for controlled environment flooring. We are a global manufacturer of flooring headquartered in Assendelft, near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Our industrial flooring division supports our customers in Life Sciences, Electronics, Automotive and Aerospace offering a range of flooring options for use in controlled environments such as cleanrooms or where ESD control is required. 
All of our products have been designed and formulated for use specifically within controlled environments and as such perform at the highest level.

We offer flooring which has been independently tested for suitability up to ISO Class 2 and GMP A class cleanrooms

All of Forbo’s ESD flooring use permanently conductive pathways achieved by the addition of conductive chips or veins within the product. This gives lifetime stable conductivity and peace of mind for our customers.

Yes, Forbo manufacture a looselay cleanroom and ESD tile called Colorex Plus. The technical construction of Colorex Plus allows it to overlay existing floors, providing they are level and mechanically sound. The product installs very quickly and can avoid costly production downtime.

Yes, Forbo’s Under Control portfolio has been extensively tested against a wide range of cleaning chemicals used within Life Sciences cleanrooms including the full PH spectrum. We are happy to provide any customer our full test data to check for compatibility with your processes.