April 16-18, 2024
Javits Center, NYC

Utilize Real-time Concentration Measurements by Vaisala K-Patents® Pharma Refractometer

Vaisala K-PATENTS Pharma Refractometer response time is 1 second, damping time up to 5 minutes. The length of the hose doesn’t matter as the measurement can be delayed to the required digit.

Data logging with Vaisala’s Interface and Compact User Interface is possible up to a week. Measurement for refractive index, temperature, & concentration are recorded once per second.

The same refractometer unit can be used at all scales in pharmaceuticals development and manufacturing only the process connection may vary. Know what factors to consider.

Brix is used when sugar solutions are used as the medium for the gradient in virus purifications. Our refractometer can display Brix, % by weight, volume, density, or any preferred unit.

Yes, learn how/what! Refractometer usage does not depend on the virus to be purified, but on the gradient solution used in the purification.