April 16-18, 2024
Javits Center, NYC

Attendee Spotlight: Sudhir R. Brahmbhatt, Ph.D., MBA is President of Technology Services Inc. based in St. Louis, MO.

Sudhir R. Brahmbhatt, Ph.D., MBA is President of Technology Services Inc. based in St. Louis, MO. He has wealth of knowledge in the Environmental, Chemical, Pharma, Biotechnology, and Metal industries and has invented more than 30 patents in these areas with 5+ patents in the pharma and biotech area. His industrial experience involves Exxon, Air Products, Messer Griesheim, Air Liquide and now Technology Services Inc. with over 35 years of services. He has authored papers in Chemical Engineering and Ceramic Engg., Cryogas International, Gasworld, and AIChE magazines. He continues to consult for a wide range of industries including top industrial gases manufacturers, chemical companies, and universities.

We caught up with Dr. Brahmbhatt to learn more about his company, recent changes he’s seen in the industry due to the pandemic, and what he’s looking forward to at INTERPHEX this year.

How would you describe Technology Services Inc. and what makes it unique?
Technology Services Inc. (TSI) is a consulting business offering creative and innovative solutions to a variety of process industries that display attractive ROI and in many cases, improve quality, productivity, and yield. TSI is proud to announce its most recent development and sales of our patented, Sparkfree Multipurpose Antibacterial Wrench for Compressed Gases. Learn more about this newly launched product here.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way Technology Services Inc. thinks about the customer experience?
The downturn of most of the industries due to the pandemic and increased concern about the environmental issues have led TSI to focus more on efficiency, less manpower, environmental, and safety aspects. For the pharma and biotech industry, vaccine manufacturing has taken a swift turn and opportunities have developed now in the pharma and biotech manufacturing areas.

What is a typical “can’t miss” moment for you at INTERPHEX and what are you looking forward to most at this year’s event?
INTERPHEX offers an excellent opportunity to interact with pharma and biotech industry professionals to understand their current focus and issues. TSI evaluates and creatively develops cost effective solutions based on the changing needs of the industry. I am looking forward to similar interactions at this year’s show.

As INTERPHEX launches RECONNEX 365 and pushes out year-round content for the industry, what benefits do you see this having for your organization and/or employees?
RECONNEX 365 offers an excellent opportunity to interact with the pharma organizations and get up to date information on the changing trends and product solutions throughout the entire year.

Given your extensive experience within the industry, what is one piece of advice for those who are interested in growing their careers within the pharmaceutical industry?
I strongly recommend focusing on creatively developing solutions to industry challenges using your education and experience. The solution has to be cost effective and highly efficient while ensuring that your team members are recognized for their contributions.

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