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Exhibitor Spotlight: Christa Myers, Senior Associate/Pharmaceutical Market Director, CRB | April 2021

CRB has always been focused on using innovation wisely. I have worked for CRB for over 25 years and along the way became a champion for change, excellence, and innovation. The Pharmaceutical Market Director role allows CRB to put intention behind leading the industry in understanding how technology and trends change the industry. This role is really linked to making sure that CRB maintains a focus of being a technical leader in the Pharmaceutical industry to work with our clients to meet unmet needs. Our group works hard to understand the leading drivers in the industry and understand the “why” behind what companies will choose regarding different technical options to support their business. This includes equipment options, project design options, and project delivery and construction options. Everyone wants to have a successful project that leads to a successful product(s) launch that serves the patients. The thought leaders that are in CRB gather to continue to press the industry forward. I am happy to be a part of that.

What makes CRB a unique company?

At the core of CRB is a strong mission to be the preeminent team of planners, designers, and constructors providing integrated solutions to advanced technology industries. CRB remains committed to providing best in class solutions that drive success and positive change for our clients, our people, and our communities. Our teams are dedicated to our values; technical excellence, responsibility, entrepreneurial spirit, and collaboration, and fun. I have never seen another company so intent on providing great service to our clients and great careers for our people.

INTERPHEX is a launching point for innovation and technology. Can you share some insight into the innovation and technology that CRB has recently launched?

ONEsolutionTM. ONEsolutionTM is a revolutionary integrated project delivery method that leverages the combined expertise and technical excellence of ONE project team to deliver your facility in a safe, lean and collaborative way. ONEsolutionTM aligns stakeholders on quality, cost and schedule, providing you with everything you need from initial planning through operational readiness. It is more than a project delivery method – It is a culture.

What is a typical “can’t miss” moment for you at INTERPHEX, and how will that change for 2021?

A can’t miss moment for our team is CRB TECH TANK. For many years CRB volunteered our experts in technical design and project delivery to present new innovations at INTERPHEX. Over 6 years ago – CRB decided to develop a more coordinated platform so that we can present focused ideas on those parts of technology and projects that will pivot the industry. Sometimes it is a technical solution. Sometimes it is an entirely new approach to save time and money. Always it brings value to the audiences that attend. Our incredible staff are on hand afterwards to answer questions and assist with planning for upcoming or ongoing projects.

What is your company’s biggest success thus far?

Our people. For 37 years, CRB has proven that our people strive to serve our clients with passion and focus. CRB looks for dedicated people with a passion for what they do. As we perform critical work for the industry, we learn and grow. Our business provides opportunity for us to do incredibly important work for mankind and allows our staff to chase their passions in a way that leads to long and fulfilling careers in engineering, construction, planning, architecture, and operational excellence. Those fulfilling careers enthuse people to improve themselves, their projects, and the industry.

What are the top three trends you see leading the transformation of the pharmaceutical, biotechnical, and medical device industry?

We talk about trends a lot at CRB. It is important to understand the why behind the what of trends. Most of what is driving everything we do is the overall cost and safety of the pharmaceutical, biotechnical, and medical device products. Any new trend must bring value overall to mankind in a safe and effective manner. The trends that we are seeing that are leading the market are project delivery methods and equipment that reduce the time and costs of bringing drugs to the patient population. This means choosing equipment that provides a higher quality product, less operational dependence, and a better timeline. To support this trend, the areas of the market that are leading transformation are in robotics in primary and secondary packaging, closed process system components, and single use technologies. Another is automation that can provide data integrity and integral understanding of risks associated with failures. Pharma 4.0 is not a future concept any longer; the FDA is already looking for strong systems that allow for automation to affect quality directly.

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