April 16-18, 2024
Javits Center, NYC

INTERPHEX 2022 Product Spotlight

Get a close-up look at some of INTERPHEX’s leading vendors showcasing their latest products and/or services to the pharma and biotech community. From new technology overviews to in-depth training on products, get a closeup look, and stay up-to-date on emerging trends as new videos are released each month.

LISURE, taking on Challenging Engineering Systems for Biopharmaceutical Industry!

LISURE is the largest domestic pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer in China, with a 20,000㎡ production facility and a 3,000㎡ engineering center. We delivered more than 500 automated chromatography systems, and the largest system has a 2” pipe and 150,00 L/H flow rate; 481 chromatography columns, and the largest chromatography column has a diameter of 2 meters; more than 400 TFF filtration system, and the largest filtration membrane reaches 283m2; more than 100 Inline dilution and conditional system, with largest capacity of 18,000 L/H.

KingLai Group Introduction

KL Group was founded in year 1991 in Taiwan and built headquarter factory in Jiangsu, China in 2000. With over many years of hard working, Kinglai got IPO in Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market on June 6th, 2011. KingLai group mainly focuses on developing and manufacturing of high level hygienic items made from high purity stainless steel raw materials. Our main products includes chambers, valves, pumps, flanges, pressure vessels, tubes, fittings, etc. as total 68 series and more than 10000 different specifications, which are the key components of hygienic stainless steel products. The products are widely applied in semiconductor, solar, bio-technology, pharmaceuticals, fine chemical, food& beverage, dairy, cosmetics, vaccine, etc. Kinglai has been certified by ASME BPE in 2013 for both tubing and fitting (*manufacturer), which is NO.1 in Asia. Also, KL products comply with 3A, DIN, ISO, EHEDG, etc. KingLai has gained highly compliments from worldwide customers for our leading technologies and processes, completed production lines and quick customized capabilities. We always carry out “The clients’ success is our success” as our faith.

Quattroflow® Q-Control –Optimizing Control of Pump-Related Biopharma-Production Processes

How does Quattroflow® fit into demanding biopharmaceutical applications? Quattroflowquaternary (four-piston) diaphragm pumps set the standard in the safe, clean transfer of high-purity fluids in sensitive biopharma environments. Thanks to their unique method of operation that mimics the rhythm of the human heart, the four diaphragms provide gentle, low-pulsation product handling. Whether single-or multiple-use, Quattroflow pumps provide higher accuracy and excellent controllability of flow rates to meet the range of requirements present in the biopharma industry.
The Q-Control integrated pump controller expands upon these capabilities, offering users even more flexibility and control over pump operation. From autotune features to process alarms, discover how Q-Control optimizes process control, empowering operators with stable and responsive pump control. To learn more about Q-Control’s built-in features and performance optimization, please visit

ULT Freezer Alternatives: Innovation That Propels the Biologics Pipeline

Trane Technologies brings the power and cold-chain manufacturing expertise of Trane®, Thermo King® mobile refrigeration and Farrar Scientific. Our infrastructure represents an end-to-end portfolio of cold chain capabilities, scalable solutions, and an unmatched fleet of trained service technicians that cover temperatures ranging from -80°C to +40°C. Throughout the life cycle of our ultra-low solutions, we are committed to providing quality support and service.
Farrar Scientific, a Trane Technologies brand, offers purpose-built ultra-low temperature solutions that are in stock and move-in ready. Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of advanced forced-air convection technology purpose-built for Pharma and BioPharma Manufacturers, CMOs/CDMOs and Biorepositories.

Ezi-Dock Systems Company Overview

A brief introduction to Ezi-Dock Systems and its unique and award-winning Ezi-Flow CSV Contained Transfer system for APIs and toxic materials, offering improved performance over traditional split butterfly valves, ease of use, reduced cost and consistent supply.