April 1-3, 2025
Javits Center, NYC

IMA Life North America

Complex solid dosage forms such as product combination in hard gelatin capsules or powder micro-dosing for Dry Powder Inhalers require state-of-the art technical solutions. Following the path marked by ADAPTA 100 and ADAPTA 200, IMA Active developed the new ADAPTA 50.

While designing this machine, we scouted for new technical solutions, improved the handling of difficult products, tested innovative algorithms and feedback loops to enhance the in-line control of critical quality and performance attributes. The use of electrical motorization makes for endless adjustment capability of the filling unit, tailoring set-up of each product and optimizing dosing precision. Besides the built-in upside-down scale ensures maximum accuracy in weight control and improves the quality of the final product also in case of product combination, allowing for 100% net weight control of each component.

ADAPTA 50 is fitted with MAX, the new corporate HMI based on iFix SCADA, IoT ready and created paying maximum attention to User Experience. Based on Visual Design to enhance User Interaction, MAX ensures prompt responsiveness, enhanced predictability and easy learning.

The result is a machine unique on the market that combine IMA deep knowledge in capsule filling and innovative technical solutions, to enhance the hallmarks of ADAPTA capsule filler.