April 25 – 27, 2023
Javits Center, NYC

CfPIE Certification Courses

New for 2023, INTERPHEX will offer six (6) approved pharmaceutical and biotechnology certification courses provided by the Center for Professional Innovation and Education (CfPIE).

Course attendees will acquire 14 credit hours through three partial-days of interactive presentation by expert instructors and each course will count toward one or more industry-recognized certification programs. The course registration also includes exclusive interaction with Expo Hall Exhibitors specific to each course.

If interested in registering for a course(s), you may do so via CfPIE’s site via the links provided below.

Once registered for a course(s), you will receive a complimentary registration link for the INTERPHEX Expo Hall and Technical Conference.


Analytical Method Validation for Biologics, Biopharmaceuticals and Other Therapeutic Products

Dr. Judy Carmody presents this course as a comprehensive overview of the complex and challenging quality control methods typically applied in biologics and biopharmaceuticals.

Instructor: Judy Carmody, Ph.D.
Applicable Certifications: BDCP, CMCCP, GLPCP, PDCP

Aseptic Processing in the Manufacture of Biotech and Pharmaceutical Products

Hosted by Acerna Incorporated President Paul Larocque, this course provides an overview of the technical basics governing aseptic processing alongside practical management and troubleshooting advice.

Instructor: Paul Larocque
Applicable Certifications: BDCP, CPVP, GMPCP

Best Practices for an Effective Cleaning Validation Program

Steven Weitzel, vice president of technical operations at CANI, Inc., Critical Process Cleaning and Biodecontamination for FDA regulated facilities, hosts this course on cleaning validation processes, regulations, and challenges. 


Instructor: Steven Weitzel
Applicable Certifications: CPVP, GMPCP

Computer System Validation

Dr. G. Raymond Miller hosts this comprehensive class on developing, implementing, and maintaining regulated computer systems.


Instructor: G. Raymond Miller, Ph.D.
Applicable Certifications: CMDCP, CPVP, GMPCP

Lyophilization Technology-Application of Scientific Principles

Under pharmaceutical technology consultant and educator Lisa Hardwick Thompson, participants in this course will receive practical guidance to help them understand the scientific and engineering principles of lyophilization.


Instructor: Lisa Hardwick Thompson
Applicable Certification: GMPCP

Selecting and Managing CROs

Attendees who participate in this course will learn what's involved in successfully outsourcing pharmaceutical programs, courtesy of Kay Monroe, founder of Cayman Scientific Consulting LLC.

Instructor: Kay Monroe
Applicable Certifications: CCCP, GRACP, PDCP