Plug and Play Automation for Single Use Equipment

Plug and Play Automation for Single Use Equipment

07/16/2020, 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM

Stage 3, Booth 1877, Exhibit Hall
The industry's movement away from large scale, fixed tank facilities to more modular, single use technologies has enabled the move toward flexible processing where the equipment and the product can change from batch to batch. The desire to quickly and easily reconfigure process systems has created the need for new automation designs that allow changing unit operations without requiring large scale development efforts. The development of a vendor-agnostic "plug and play" standard where single use unit operations can integrate seamlessly into an existing supervisory control system, gives users the increased flexibility they need while reducing the amount of custom configuration and validation time required. This session describes the benefits and development of an industry standard developed by the BioPhorum Operations Group to allow supervisory control systems to interface to intelligent process skids and execute standard functions with predefined process parameters and report data.


  • Kelsey Hill


    Life Sciences Marketing Manager


    Kelsey is the Life Sciences Marketing Manager for Emerson Automation Solutions, located in Austin, TX, In her current role, she helps drive the...

  • Bruce Kane


    Industry Consultant Life Sciences

    Rockwell Automation


  1. Objective 1. Understand how industry collaboration can accelerate standards development. 2. Appreciate how standardization can reduce design, development, and validation activities, allowing for more modular and flexible facilities. 3. Understand the BioPhorum Operations Group interface standard for bio-pharmaceutical unit operations

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    Automation/Process Controls