Designing Today for the Future of Continuous Processing

Designing Today for the Future of Continuous Processing

07/16/2020, 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM

Stage 4, Booth 2276, Exhibit Hall
Continuous biomanufacturing is still developing. There are continuous commercial scale unit operations and lab scale integrated systems in testing. To gain the experience to move systems form semi-continuous to continuous we need integrated systems to conduct development work on. This chicken-egg problem can be addressed by working through an integrated system stepwise integrating semi-continuous operations together. We should also be looking to other industries for alternative manufacturing methods to speed this development cycle. While this development work can take a significant time, that time will likely improve the drug delivery cycle beyond our current process and facility approach. This presentation will discuss how to design facilities today for the development of and future operation of integrated continuous biomanufacuting via case studies.


  • Xueying (Sherry) Chen


    Process Group Lead


    Sherry has over a decade of designing pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical facilities. Her specialties include process and critical utility design,...

  • Brian Duffy


    Lead Process Engineer


    Mr. Duffy has over 20 years of experience in the Biotechnology industry in the areas of process design engineering, large capital project execution,...


  1. Objective 1. Understand the current state of the industry in regards to continuous bioprocessing. 2. Understand the considerations for facility design to enable process intensification today and transition to full continuous bioprocessing in the future. 3. Gain insight into the different paths of the future of continuous bioprocessing.

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