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-Recognizing Innovative Technologies Strategies and Services to Significantly Improving Pharma, Bio
and Device Development and Manufacturing-

NEW YORK, NY; April 2, 2019 – INTERPHEX, International Pharmaceutical Expo (INTERPHEX), the premier event dedicated to pharmaceutical and biotechnology innovation, technology and knowledge from development through commercialization, and Pharmaceutical Processing, a leading provider of news and information on the cutting-edge technologies and services for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and medical device markets, today announced the 2019 INTEERPHEX Exhibitor Award Winners. Winners were awarded in the following categories: Best in Show, Best New Product/Service, Editor's Choice, Best Technological Innovation, Efficiency Champion and Biotech Innovation.

"This year, INTERPHEX turns 40, and the event has a rich history of being the place to see new and cutting edge technologies," said Kate Scott Event Director, INTERPHEX. "Over 150 leading suppliers chose to launch new technology at INTERPHEX. To further showcase all of the innovation and technology at this year's event, we are offering a "Follow the Trail of New Technology' map to ensure attendees experience all of the innovation on the show floor. Congratulations to the winners!"

Scott continued: "A special thank you to Head Judge, Bea Riemschneider, Vice President Content & Events, Editorial Director, Advantage Business Marketing and members of the judging panel including, Christa Myers, Owner, Sr. Associate, Pharma Market Director, CRB; Maik Jornitz, President and Chief Executive Officer, G-Con Manufacturing; Mark Butler, President and Managing Director, IPS-Integrated Project Services; Keith Gibbs, President, Ninja Project Management; Robert. J. Timko, PhD, President, RouTau Pharma Services, LLC; Russ Somma, PhD, SommaTech Consulting and Anthony Tutino, Executive Director, Pharmaceutical Technology, Celgene Corp.

On behalf of INTERPHEX and Pharmaceutical Processing, the judging panel is pleased to announce this year's winners.

Best in Show: SKAN US SKANFOG® Spectra Modular Aseptic Processing and Sterility Testing Isolator System with SKANFOG, NANOX and Total Service Response, Booth #3140
The SKANFOG® Spectra Modular Aseptic Processing and Sterility Testing Isolator System is used in all phases of small-scale pharmaceutical and biotech production, but is primarily used in manufacturing steps for drug product fill-finish, cell and gene therapy, open aseptic process containment and sterility testing in the Quality Control Microbiology Lab. On the performance side, items can be transferred into an isolator 2-3 times faster than ever before while the overall isolator decontamination cycles are 4-8 times faster than previous models. In the total service model, full project management and cycle qualification is provided with guaranteed performance. With over $1 Million in US-stocked spare parts and a specialized team of factory trained and certified available 24/7 for emergency response, the SKAN Service offering sets a new standard for concept through life-cycle support of a critical manufacturing system.

About the Award: The Best in Show Award recognizes accomplishments and display in the use of knowledge, innovation, and state-of-the-art technologies to achieve extraordinary levels of quality, production goals, and objectives—ultimately transforming critical and affordable life-enhancing ideas to finished drug products.

Best New Product/Service: MilliporeSigma – Single-use Pellicon® Capsules with Ultracel® Membrane, Booth #2841
Single-use TFF with Pellicon® Capsules with Ultracel® Membrane eliminates the cleaning steps before and after product processing for increased facility throughput. This considerably shortens the total process time compared to that of a TFF process with a multi-use device. The holderless, self-contained design of the Pellicon® Capsule with Ultracel® Membrane is ideal to easily and safely remove the entire single-use TFF flow path immediately after product recovery. This enhances product changeover efficiency and saves time, labor, fluids and footprint in the manufacturing plant due to no cleaning validation requirements, ultimately increasing plant productivity and process flexibility with reduced contamination risks, offering additional user-friendly features to reduce process complexity, save time, and conserve resources in the filtration of mAbs and other biologics.

About the Award: The Best New Product/Service Award is given to the exhibitor that encourages, develops, and features the very best in new products or services showcasing knowledge, innovation, and state-of-the-art technologies leading to significant business, economic, or manufacturing benefits for the pharma and bio industries.

Editor's Choice (sponsored by Pharmaceutical Processing): Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing Inc. – Flexible Commercial Manufacturing Expansion, Booth #1466
The fee for service business model utilized by contract development and manufacturing organizations, such as GRAM, benefits the industry by creating efficiencies in the marketplace that would otherwise not exist. With this in mind, the new, state-of-the-art facility further enables the flexibility for small clinical batches and large scale commercial pharmaceutical manufacturing. GRAM has worked with vendors such as SKAN, IMA, Bausch+Ströbel and Marchesini to outfit its new facility with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. These investments significantly increase manufacturing capacity and overall flexibility to the client. New equipment includes: IMA's LyoMax Lyophilizer which more than triples lyophilization capacity; the fully integrated, high-speed, Bausch+Ströbel filling line, also tripling vial filling output per minute and the high-speed Marchesini packaging line is capable of packaging and serializing 200 cartons per minute with aggregation.

About the Award: The Editor of Pharmaceutical Processing awards the Editor's Choice Award, which is based upon her view of the best in exhibiting in Knowledge, Innovation, and Technologies within the pharma and biopharma industries.

Best Technologies Innovation: Meissner Filtration Products – CryoVault™ Platform, Booth #2341
CryoVault™ platform, a new freeze/thaw platform for biopharmaceuticals addresses the industry's need for large scale solution and meets the needs of industry with a robust, scalable, truly single-use solution for 100 L+. End-to-end solution for freezing, storing, distributing and dispensing critical high value biopharmaceutical fluids, e.g. BDS. It addresses a challenging and critical process step that allows the end-user the flexibility to customize the solution for their specific process based on the selection of pre-qualified components which have all been engineered to work together seamlessly. No longer do manufacturers need to choose between conventional cryovessels with the associated cleaning/maintenance challenges, and a single-use solution which may not meet their needs in terms of performance. CryoVault™ provides the best of both worlds and allows end-users to harness
the benefits of single-use systems without sacrificing performance.

About the Award: The Best Technologies Innovation Award recognizes cutting-edge technologies, either new technologies or a novel implementation of existing technologies that have the potential to change the way pharma/bio companies operate.

INTERPHEX Efficiency Champion: Southfork Instruments – Kemtrak SU UV Absorbance Cell System, Booth #1338
The Kemtrak Single-use UV Absorbance Cell System is used as part of a UV absorbance measurement circuit and can be used with a DCP007-UV process scale UV absorbance analyzer, even at discovery level, so data developed directly transfers through the scale up process. This direct transfer allows faster development, removes cross contamination between batches, lowers cost in use and I scale-up and ensures faster peak detection and endpoint, offering greater yield and purity. This System takes an existing measurement type and innovates an improved solution that solves issues that really exist. The Kemtrak system uses modern components with user friendly engineering to provide a better measurement with lower cost that can actually provide shorter development cycles for products in the industry and is applicable at all stages of product development from lab scale through production scale.

About the Award: The INTERPHEX Efficiency Champion Award is given to an exhibitor whose product or service understands the need for integrated efficiencies in processes and supports the fast pace of the pharma/bio industry—whether in research, development, or commercial-scale production.

Biotech Innovation: Optima Pharma/Metall+Plastic – DECOpulse® Biodecontamination System, Booth #3103
DECOpulse® Biodecontamination System with atomization-driven evaporation of hydrogen peroxide is utilized in upstream processes of aseptic production of pharmaceuticals as well as in quality control in aseptic production. Reduction of microorganisms is achieved with vapor phase hydrogen peroxide, whereby the innovative approach of the evaporation by atomization of the liquid hydrogen peroxide solution is applied. With this approach a better and faster distribution of the H2O2 can be achieved. This addresses the general challenge of homogenous exposure of surfaces with adequate amounts of hydrogen peroxide in decontamination processes. Consequently, this leads to a faster decontamination and more productive time by shortened decontamination cycle times. With the innovative concept of using atomization-driven evaporation by creating droplets of a defined size, it clearly differentiates from the existing systems. The concept allows shortened decontamination cycle times, more productive time and higher product safety because of reduced outgassing.

About the Award: The Biotech Innovation Award acknowledges an exhibitor's innovative application to a given product or service that not only addresses an industry need, but does so in such a way as to exceed previous standards or applications—thereby making the given process simpler, smoother, or easier to navigate.

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