Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing

Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing


Innovation Meets Sterile Manufacturing

Berkshire Sterile is a state-of-the-art fill/finish contract manufacturer which specializes in sterile filling of syringes, vials and cartridges for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. BSM also offers terminal steam sterilization of syringes, specialty filling, lyophilization of vials and syringes, dual chamber liquid/liquid and liquid/lyo all within an isolator.


  • Lyophilization

    Some products require lyophilization to maintain appropriate shelf-life and efficacy. BSM has a clean-in-place, steam-in-place lyo. We also have exp...

  • Terminal Steam Sterilization

    We can fill any product under isolation – the most protective in terms of aseptic control, and terminally sterilize it through our ventilator (air-ove...

  • Vial, Cartridge, and Syringe Filling

    Berkshire Sterile performs sterile filling to help advance your product candidate from a pre-clinical or clinical setting to a commercial product. Ou...

  • Specialty Filling

    BSM can easily fill of a multitude of different containers utilizing isolator with flexible equipment whether you need prototype filling for engineeri...

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  • Contact Information

    Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing

    United States Massachusetts Lee Berkshire Corporate Center 480 Pleasant Street Suite B201 01238


  1. Products and Services
    Analytical Laboratory Testing Services
    • Stability Studies
    Compliance Services
    • Stability Testing
    Contract, Development, Manufacturing, Biomanufacturing of Product
    • Clinical Manufacturing
    • Commercial Manufacturing
    • Injectables
    • Pre-Filled Syringe
    • Vial Filling & Lyophilization