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Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions


Using Science and Technology to Better Mankind

A leading supplier of award winning particle counters, real-time monitoring systems, environmental instruments and software with superior design, data integration ability and worldwide support offices. Lighthouse manufactures a complete line of handheld, portable and remote particle counters that lead the industry in quality, accuracy and technology.


  • ApexZ: the Next Generation!

    The ApexZ3 and Z50 are the next generation in the field of portable particle counting. Starting with a significant reduction in weight to create the l...

  • ActiveCount Microbial Sampler

    Microbial Sampler with Hepa Filtered Exhaust ActiveCount100H is a high performance portable active air sampler suitable for use in cleanrooms and a...

  • Handheld 3016

    Lighthouse’s Handheld Particle Counters are feature-rich instruments that are ideal for spot-checking inside of your critical environments or IAQ appl...

  • LS20 Liquid Batch Sampler

    Lighthouse’s Liquid Batch Samplers are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive for utilization. Most importantly, it is designed to be compliant to...

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    Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions

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