Real-Time Analytics with Timeline View for Improved Analytics

Real-Time Analytics with Timeline View for Improved Analytics

04/18/2018, 4:15 PM - 5:00 PM

Technical Conference Stage 3, Booth 1376, Exhibit Hall

An advanced view of batch analytics can provide greater real- time control of your process, resulting in a more efficient and responsive batch process. Actions based on real-time analytics is improving operations, batch cycle-time, and product quality. For a process operator in a pharmaceutical batch environment, typical practices may not be keeping up with other technological advancements in the rest of the plant. Common practices do not take advantage of what is now possible in other areas: • Prediction of upcoming problems or bottlenecks in an operation • Comparison of current batch with the typical batch in real time • Limited views of current batch • Improperly sized control Operations that can improve these practices can transform their operators from process to business operators. The ability to anticipate or predict upcoming process problems in a batch can give an operator adequate time to plan and avoid the problem altogether. This results in higher throughput and avoidance of downtime. In times of high demand, this has a direct and tangible impact on product quality as well as the bottom line. Typical problems such as process deviations or equipment failures can benefit from guided troubleshooting, suggesting how an operator can return to production without an extended downtime window. Understanding how a current batch is performing against a typical batch has many advantages. For example, less experienced operators can understand how more experienced operators streamline steps to optimize the process. Likewise, a comprehensive analysis in aggregate can uncover best practices that can be deployed to all operations, decreasing cycle time and improving productivity. Operators have multiple responsibilities, and often times cannot be tied down to a fixed station viewing a batch in a pre-defined method. They need to be able to view the process in whatever method makes the most sense to them. It needs to be accessible in a variety of formats, whether through a traditional console, a tablet PC, or on a smartphone. Process controllers tend to be oversized for the task of unit control, with multiple units being allocated to a process controller because they happen to fit. This increases maintenance complexity and makes it more logistically difficult to perform updates. A more flexible approach that is unit based which will reduce these difficulties. Examples will be provided to demonstrate a new approach to batch execution. This can stream line operations and transform the process operator into a business operator by giving them more relevant information in a timelier manner to optimize their operations.


  • Joe Bastone


    Director of Product Marketing

    Honeywell Process Solutions

    Will complete

Type of Session

  1. Type of Session

Learning Objectives

  1. Learning Objectives 1. Use of advanced batch process views with batch analytics 2. Predictive Analytics for real-time batch processing 3. Advanced view of batch analytics provides greater real-time process control

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